Gold Glitter NOT Body Glitter

All That Glitters Is Not Body Safe

So you walk up to a booth at a neighborhood carnival and they are offering glitter tattoos starting at $6. SIX WHOLE DOLLARS for glitter and glue! You can bury yourself in glitter at Michaels for the cost of just a couple tattoos. What’s the difference between the glitter you can buy at the Dollar Tree versus the cosmetic glitters I use?

Well for starters there is a big difference in how cosmetic glitters (for face painting  and tattoos) and craft glitters are composed. Craft glitters are either composed of metal or polyester coated materials. Since these glitters will be used on an object for craft purposes the composition of the coating or the pigments used aren’t really worrisome.  However, for use on the body, it is important to use pigments that will not be reactive on the human skin.  This is especially true when the glitter will be exposed to water-based paints or acrylic body glues. At larger sizes these glitters are cut with hard, flat edges that can be very dangerous in the eye area.

Glitters that are labeled as cosmetic are deemed safe for use on the body. This means that the pigments are safe for use on skin, the glitter is composed of polyester, and the size of the glitter is very fine and cut in a round shape. These glitters pose a relatively low risk if gotten in the eye or applied directly to skin. While these glitters are more expensive to purchase, they are much safer for use when face painting or applying glitter tattoos.

I take great care to incorporate body-safe cosmetic glitters in my kits. These are tested on myself and my adhesives to ensure that they are comfortable and non-reactive. These high-quality glitter tattoos look good at least 5 days and can wear up to 2 weeks with care. Try one of my glitter tattoos out at your next face painting party!


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