Bling and Unicorn Parties Now Available!

I am so excited to share the new additions to the face painting kit!! I am now adding custom designed bling and dimensional unicorn horns to my services. My Bling Party package will now include hundreds of hand crafted face bling decorations, to make any face paint design glitter and pop! The Unicorn Bling Package will include the hundreds of gem bling as well as three dimensional UNICORN HORNS!!! These are hand crafted from a soft, non-toxic, foam clay. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Both the bling and the unicorn horns are encrusted with gems and manufactured with materials that are non-toxic and body safe. They are adhesive backed with comfortable and body-safe acrylic based adhesive. Follow my social media for more pictures and a bling book tour! Please ask about pricing for my Bling Party and Unicorn Bling packages. These will give every event an unforgettable pop that guests will never forget!


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